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Union and Labor Relations

Union and Labor Relations Attorney
As the political and economic climate has continued to change, Unions have, once again, begun aggressively asserting themselves, attempting to organize new employers where no union exists and trying to seize more control where CBAs do exist. Wolflick, Simpson, Khachaturian & Bouayad lawyers have over thirty (30) years of front line experience dealing with unions and union-related issues/proceedings, including
  • Providing practical “how to” strategies and training for responding to union organizing activities
  • Managing the employer’s side of union organizing campaigns (communications, legal actions, training, spotting the issues)
  • NLRB “R” case representation, from beginnings through appeals
  • Filing/Opposing NLRB ULP (Unfair Labor Practice) charges
  • Developing and executing “union free workforce” strategies
  • Training Managers/Supervisors
  • Contract negotiations
  • Labor Arbitrations
  • Trust fund litigation

Wolflick, Simpson, Khachaturian & Bouayad understands that every workplace is unique. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer clients the individual flexibility they need to optimize their own employee relations success, from aggressive strategies to balanced cooperation, and everything in between. We aren’t always just gladiators or diplomats. We’re client-driven by our client’s goals for success.