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Class Actions

Class Action Lawyers
Class litigation challenging employer pay practices has exploded in the last 10 years. Defending such high stakes cases requires an informed and delicate hand. At Wolflick, Simpson, Khachaturian & Bouayad, we’ve developed practical and effective strategies for opposing and managing such claims, even where the putative class has exceeded 10,000 members.

W&S attorneys have handled a wide variety of class and representative action claims addressing issues such as:

  • breaks and meal periods
  • misclassification of “exempt” status
  • untimely payment of final paycheck
  • expense reimbursement
  • paycheck deductions
  • suitable seating
  • PAGA (Private Attorney General Act) penalties
  • donning and doffing (change time)
  • “rounding” of start/stop times
  • check cashing fees
  • paystubs
  • employee vs. independent contractor
  • overtime
  • minimum wage
  • discretionary/non-discretionary bonuses
  • waiting time penalties
  • and more. . .

Wolflick, Simpson, Khachaturian & Bouayad has successfully litigated such actions by employing aggressive strategies where the allegations have no merit and early dispute resolution where possible violations exist. W&S attorneys have also been on the forefront of Concepcion v. AT&T Mobility litigation (over the enforceability of “class action waivers” in arbitration agreements).

Wolflick, Simpson, Khachaturian & Bouayad also provides practical audits of existing pay practices to help clients identify and correct wage/hour issues and thereby minimize the risk of potential litigation.