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Personnel Advice / Training / Prevention

Employer Personnel Advice | Training | Prevention
We get it.
When you have a workplace problem, you don’t want a footnoted memo in unreadable legalese or an academic lecture on “the law” and the impossibility of predicting legal outcomes.

You want options.



You want a way out of the mess.

You want to know how to comply with the law while still being able to pursue the business-forward decisions you need to make in order to advance your priorities and succeed in your market.

We get it.

Which is why, for decades, Wolflick, Simpson, Khachaturian & Bouayad attorneys have partnered so successfully with our clients. We understand how to translate the rules, risks, technicalities and uncertainties of the law into practical options, real world solutions, and problem-solving advice. We’re always available to help with:

  • “soft-landing” difficult employee separations
  • discipline/documentation strategies
  • supervisory training
  • day-to-day advice
  • crisis management
  • employment law audits
  • handbooks and personnel policies
  • employment/consultant contracts
  • workplace investigations
  • planning/implementing RIF/reorganization/layoff strategies to minimize risks